Best Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your SEO

Best Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your SEO

Before we dive deep into the best free WordPress plugins that help boost the search engine optimization of a website we should know what WordPress actually is. WordPress is a unique publishing platform that was initially introduced for blogging but with passage of time became the favorite website building platform for most of the web developers. Not only this, it helped the freelancers and people who are amateur web designers and developers to learn a number of website building techniques. It is one of its kind platforms that allows the developers build websites that have easily customizable user interface. The blogging platforms now powers a huge number of websites that belong to the businesses spread all over the world. The renowned international brands that use WordPress for their business websites include, People Magazine, PlayStation, Ford, CNN and many more. If the platforms works well for the big guns it will benefit you too. Though the platform is known for its easy to use interface and a huge resource of free to use plugins, there are certain plugins that work amazingly well for the search engine optimization of your business website. The following are the best plugins used by experts to give a boost to the SEO of a business website.


yoast seo - best seo booster plugin wp

When it comes to search engine optimization of a website, most of the wise businessmen are always ready to invest in the search engine optimization of their business website. Yoast is one of the most amazing SEO plugin of WordPress that has been extensively used by the big names in the industry. It is the favourite plugin of most of the website developers. The plugin is available in free version as well as a premium version. The free version has limited features that are unlocked for the masses and premium Yoast is the one that have many amazing features that make website development an easy task to accomplish. The premium version of Yoast offers some amazing features like keyword optimization on which depends the SEO of a business website. The premium Yoast is not available on very high rates, in fact it is available with its complete features at affordable rates as the traffic that starts flowing to your website and the increasing number of customers is worth much more than what you have to pay for premium Yoast.

The SEO Framework:

Seo Framework best seo booster plugin wp

The SEO Framework is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that has been helping the new web developers a great deal in developing the world class websites that have been serving as the best SEO websites.  The developers like it for being fast and lightweight as it does not contain any upsells and ads. The SEO framework does not like unnecessary things like ads and its main focus is on development of a website that is high in speed and user friendly at the same time. For majority of website developers it is the best alternative to Yoast. For the settings after the search engine optimization only a few tabs are used. One of these tabs uses a coloured scale that indicates the position of your post getting search engine ready. The scale indicates the strong points as well as the weaknesses so that the website developer can focus on the weaknesses while improving the strong points even further. The SEO framework has an interface that is easy to use even by the amateurs, but when it is used by the experts only sky is the limit for the creativity they can show. It is a free to use SEO boosting plugin. This plugin offer the users with advanced features with the help of various extensions. These extensions include:

  • Article Enhancement
  • An AMP Integration
  • Local SEO
  • Incognito Mode
  • Monitoring for SEO and uptime
  • Comment caching for spammers
  • Redirects

Special Features That Make The SEO Framework So Popular

  • This particular plugin does not ask you for a price for the features that it offers, in other words even though most of its features match those of ‘Yoast’, it is free of charge. You don’t even have to pay anything for its special features or even premium features.
  • The visual coloured scale is a unique and effective way to check your website’s progress over the search engines.
  • It offers local SEO extensions for the businesses that need to share and display some important information about their local business.
  • Due to the presence of comment spammer extension there is no need for an additional plugin.
  • Majority of SEO settings in The SEO Framework are preconfigured so there is a very little effort that you need to make in setting it up after the installation of the plugin.


SEOPress best seo booster plugin wp

It is known as one of those plugins that serves as All-in-One SEO plugin that is easy to use and contains no watermarks, footprints or ads to distract the attention of your potential customers. I t is strong simple and fast and aids you in managing all your titles, and Meta descriptions for pages, posts and terms quite easily. It is generally used to create XML and HTML sitemaps, it aids in tracking your website visitors with Google analytics, and optimize your tags so that you could share your content on social media platforms. The free version of SEOPress provides assistance to the web masters in publishing the quality content and optimized posts and the web developers are provided with the freedom of using more than 75 hooks to set the plug in the way they want.

Rank Math:

Rank Math best seo booster plugin wp

Rank math is considered to be one of the strongest SEO tool that you could use for your WordPress based business website. It has everything required to control the on-page SEO of your business website. It is a combination of a variety of Plugins used for the search engine optimization of a website.

If you have all the above mentioned plugins installed on your pc you can even make changes to your business website by yourself.